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May Special


Buddha & His Dhamma
by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
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Download and Distribute to everyone possible.

Jaybhim SMS Service - - -
Marathi Patrak about Jaybhim SMS Service.
You will get free SMS about Dhamma, and other important matter.
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  Selected SMS sent through "Jaybhim SMS Service"
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  22 Pratidnya Banner.
All 22 Pratidnya are in a Big Banner in Marathi, with Photos  of  Tathagat Buddha and Babasaheb. You can Print.
Download (576KB zip file containing .jpg file)
  22 Pratidnya Abhiyan
You will get sufficient information about Abhiyan
22 Pratidnya Abhiyan- 4 pages Marathi Information Boucher

just click Download for (
zip file of 713 KB with all 4 jpg files)

June 08

Life of Lord Buddha
A wonderful & Colorful slide show -690 kb pps file.
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April Special
Women are suffering from Womb to Tomb
It is English  Power Point Presentation 1.74mb. Just click Download to get it.
Every Month New &  Special
We shall remove these April downloads within few days India Shining or Shrinking?
It is English  Power Point Presentation 1.53mb. Just click Download to get it.
things to Download.
Plz Get it.