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Jaybhim SMS Service
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Jaybhim SMS Service- - -
You will get Free SMS about Dhamma and other Important events n matter. This service is proved very much important and useful. It is going to be the Biggest SMS Group in India, of such kind. So, we request all Buddhists, Ambedkarwadis, and Persons having Scientific, Humanistic Attitude .... Please be member today only and ask your friends to be member. Thanking you.

1) How to Get Free SMS?
On your mobile Just Type
JOIN Jaybhim
and send to
You will be registered and receive welcome massage.

2) How Your friends will get these SMS?
On your mobile Type
SHARE Jaybhim,, mob.No.3 . . .
And send to
You may send 12 Mobile Numbers at a time.
Please keep one space between words as well as Mobile numbers. Please register Buddhist, Ambedkarwadi, Rationalist, Humanist persons only, who will not have objection of getting SMS of our Philosophy.

3) How to Stop SMS?
If anybody don't want to receive our SMS,
Please Type
LEAVE Jaybhim
And send to

Please take care of CAPITAL, small letters and single space. This service is Limited to India Only.

Click here to see sample SMS sent by Jaybhim SMS Service


Click here to see Sample SMS sent by Jaybhim SMS Service

  Dear Friends,
Many requests are coming to give SMS in Hindi and English.
Because  now many members are JOINing from other states of India.
Our Target is All India ..... not Maharashtra only.
I hope all of you will understand and adjust with the changes,