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This is
Non-Political, Social Dhamma Abhiyan

Download these & other Selected SMS sent through
Jaybhim SMS Service
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►Know Buddha, Know Life !

No Buddha, No Life..!



(Long Form)













That's U


►Hatred does not cease by hatred,

but only by love, its eternal rule.

-Lord Buddha


►World accepted many things from India, except CASTISM!

-Adv Premanand Rupavate

Jayanti Prgm


Why? Think...


►B C ladies Sarpanchas were denied flag hosting. Now they got right to do so by Govt. Resolution. Credit goes to Ms Kushawatra Bele, Latur.


►The day will come

Tibet will be Independent Nation.

Let us support Tibet Mukti Andolan. Plz organise by ur way, all the way. Tell others


►Bill Gates is not doing Laksmi puja

But still he is so rich!

Einstein was not doing Saraswati puja

But he was most intelligent!

Why it so?


►In central Govt. Out of 80 ministers, only 2 are Ladies!

Still India is far away from Gender Equality.


►Plz insist that 22 Pratigya Must be printed on every invitation including 14Apr Dr Ambedkar Jayanti. Request organisers & make them agree.


►JAIN Samaj(1% of Indian Population) Contributed 24% of Total INCOME TAX of INDIA during 2007-08.

How much is our contribution?

Why? Think...


►Most Selfish

1 letter

' I '

-Avoid it


Most Satisfactory

2 letters


-Use it!


Most Poisonous

3 letters


-Kill it!


Most Used

4 letters


-Spared it!


►Love Them who LOVES U

bcoz they Like Something in U


Love Them Who HATES U

bcoz they think of U & hate Something in U




Shankarrao Kharat. -Great Ambekarwadi


►Chalo Buddhagaya!

International Buddha Jayanti Mahotsav- 18,19,20 May.

Kalchakra Maidan, Buddhagaya, Bihar. 10 Lakh people will attend.


►India spending Rs10000 crore to send man in space

53 Indians have Rs1500000 crore property

66 crore Indians below poverty line

Great contra!



Madhavi Kapur selling Flat to Mr Hirani (Muslim).

Hsg.So. denied NOC. All Hindus don't want Muslim Padosi. Hirani Fighting for justice.


► Global Buddhism:

Father of Kaizen- Masaki Kama, Japan. Now it is very useful in Industries & in our daily life also. In China it is Gaisen.


► Global Buddhism:

Kaizen= World Famous Management Technique, has its base & origin in Buddhist Philosophy. Kai= Continuous, Zen= Improvement


► 1Apr

Smriti Din of

Vasant Moon- Published unpublished books of Dr Ambedkar(2002)

Bhai Sangare- Dalit Panther, Republican leader(1999).


► Great Idea-

14 April ko- 18 hrs padhai upkram

Dr Ambedkar se great prerna lene ka upkram

For details

Dipak Kadam 9326228979

Plz organise


► 1st Indian Female Doctor Anandibai Joshi was died due to denial of treatment by Orthodox Doctors or Vaidyas. Today her Jayanti 31March 1865


►  MS Govt had cancelled promotion under reservation to VJNT.

VJNT Staff won in Supreme Court. Injustice ended. Brevo!

Ulhas Rathod 9969670821


►Fact of life :

"Lord Buddha left his palace in search of peace


we all are in search of a palace at the cost of peace".


►21March -World Forest Day

But in India trees will cut for Holi! Stop this nonsense.


►Some Great Dhamma Pracharak-










- We hope


►Home Minister R R Patil said- Rich temples r Govt's headache. (Dehu15.03)

Aaba, 22Pratidnya is only remedy!











in short



►Donate Body after death.

6000 chronic persons need kidneys in Maharashtra only!

13 March World Kidney Day.


►Who was author of-






Chatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj

Smritidin 11March


►MP Arunkumar (from AP) apologized for his NONSENSE saying 'Constitution written by person like Dr Ambedkar born in low caste is tragedy of nation'


►All women must learn ENGLISH

It is way to FREEDOM!

-Sawitrimai Phule, SmritiDin-10March


►Relationship is like tree

It demands attention & care in the beginning

But once it blossoms

It provides U shade in every situation of life


►'Yah Shivling Nahi,Baudhha Stup Hai'Such awareness done by budhhist activists at Kanheri Boudhha Leni, Mumbai. Inspite of Police opposition

►        B C ladies Sarpanchas were denied flag hosting. Now they got right to do so by Govt Resolution. Credit goes to Ms Kushawatra Bele, Latur.


► People are breaking, throwing Coconut at Kanheri Baudhha Caves, Mumbai today on the eve of Mahashivaratri in guise of Shiv Puja.


► Mahashivratri pooja being offered at KANHERI Bauddha Caves- Borivali,Mumbai. Try to stop this insult of Bauddha culture.


►  Each one must have

Pan Card

Election Card

Pass Port

Bank ac

Demat ac

Driving license


+Samrat or any of OUR newspaper.


► 16% Americans left their religions (like Christen) & declared as non-belivers in GOD (like Budhhist)


► Indian Constitution is only supreme. We'll not believe in Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh.- Hon Ex-Justice B G Kolase Patil (Nasik-2-3-08,)

Download these & other Selected SMS sent through
Jaybhim SMS Service
(Easily printable .doc MS-words File.)


Download these & other Selected SMS sent through Jaybhim SMS Service (Easily printable .doc MS-words File.)