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Care has been taken to make files (for Downloads) free from infections. But even if it is found so, we don't take any liability and responsibility of any damage/s. Visitors can download at their own risk. We and Site owner should be no way held responsible for it. Our intention is to propagate our humanistic  ideas with all the good faith and without compulsion to anybody for anything. we don't want to create problem to anybody by any way. Images, photos and other matter in this site are used as provided by the well-wishers. There is no intention to violate copyright or intellectual property. If it happened please bring to our notice, we'll remove it immediately. Kindly, keep in mind that ours is social, moral work without any profit objective. Authors and original publishers of the downloads are totally responsible for their work, views etc. This site owner takes no responsibility of it and its any of  the consequences.

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